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Marie Huertas 

Children's Yoga Classes 

From September 2023 


Graduated from the French school de Hatha-Yoga Yoga Darshan 

(February 2015)  


Certified Yoga Teacherchildren by yoga school 

Natha from Aix en Provence  (June 2018) 

Mary our joyful laughing Buddha, the beneficent Buddha of Yoga Otherwise. Marie is a ray of sunshine for everyone who crosses her path. A teacher full of love, generosity and benevolence who will teach her little yogis to become aware of their body as well as their breathing gently and having fun.


The little yogis who will learn to relax, to listen to their bodies, their emotions, to respect each other among little humans through playful games. Marie will be able to provide them with the right tools to evolve at their own pace in the practice of child yoga.

Contact our Child Yoga teacher

 06 46 06 50 56 

Enfants pratiquant le Yoga
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