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Sound relaxation and vibration bath sensory 

At the Center L'Infini We love vibrational sound relaxations. 

Sound relaxations are offered on request for a group of 6 people minimum.


The sound performance takes place at the Center L'Infini for a price of 30 euros/person  for a duration of 1H30. 

What if sound relaxation was the right solution for you to relax in depth? It is well known "Music softens morals", no doubt, because the waves have an impact on our organism. By combining the best vibrations, a sound relaxation session allows you to relax more easily. 


With Joanna Phillipot, we have thought for you, a sound relaxation session that will have several benefits on your body. 


Personally, my feeling after an hour of an unprecedented sensory journey was a feeling of calm, deep muscle relaxation and serenity!


This session through meditation, chanting of mantras and guided relaxation in Live Music will:  


  • Free yourself from stress, recharge, refocus, let go, calm the mind  

  • Balance your nervous system (anxiety, anxiety, depression, nervousness, insomnia, concentration...) 

  • Stimulate and harmonize your energy centers (chakras & meridians)

  • Release negative emotions & memories

  • Regain your vitality, strengthen your immune system and cellular regeneration

  • Stimulate the self-healing process

  • Feel your inner joy & strengthen your creative power

The session will use different sounds and instruments as well as guided meditations to bring you to deep relaxation and release energy blockages. Session designed as a collective treatment. 

Instruments used: Set of 8 bowls of crystals, numerous jew's harps, set of 9 Tibetan bowls accentuating the work of the different chakras, Gong, Shamanic drums, xylophones, ocean drum, koshis elements, sacred and intuitive songs _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d shamanic. 

Femme qui pratique la relaxation sonore
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