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Yoga in Grimaud 

The infinite center (Art & Well-being) is located less than 12 kilometers from the magnificent village of Grimaud. With its ancient medieval castle and its little Venice, Port-Grimaud is appreciated for its freshness and its ice cream parlors.


  The village offers a double panorama of Saint-Tropez:  at 360° from the heights of the castle towers and the second most sea view from the port of Grimaud. Between sea and mountain Grimaud is a   charming village with the soul of yesteryear, and has many assets. In the middle of summer, the Grimaldines festival is in full swing with an incredible program bringing together musical artists from all walks of life. 


Thanks to its central geography, the village of Grimaud provides easy access to our yoga studio (Art & Well-being). The people of Grimaud like to visit us to follow   a yoga or fusion dance class or take part in an unusual event such as the Cocoa Ceremony. The interior space of the Infinite Center (Art & Well-being) with an area of approximately 120 m2 is furnished with care and taste. 


The concept of our yoga studio is to offer a unique, upscale and zen place in the heart of the Gulf of Saint-Tropez. A smart and refined place intended for all those wishing to benefit from quality courses and well-being services with experienced and competent teachers. 


We select our partners and teachers with great care so that the best services are provided: _energy treatments are qualitative and tailored to your needs. 

Femme qui pratique le Yoga à Grimaud

Our services
Yoga classes & Yoga studio rental


Throughout the year, we offer a schedule of weekly yoga classes for residents of the Gulf of Saint-Tropez and elsewhere. Find yoga, pilates and tribal fusion dance classes to strengthen your body, release tension or simply treat yourself to a moment of deep relaxation. 


The courses of Private yoga in Grimaud

In the summer you will no doubt want to take time out and reconnect through yoga and meditation. Whether you want to take a moment of relaxation just for yourself or organize a Zen and well-being activity for your family and friends, our yoga teachers travel to Grimaud and within a radius of 15 kilometers for your lessons. private at home.  

The Cocoa Ceremonies in the Var - Provence Alpes Côte d'Azur

The Infinite Center (Art & Well-Being) offers throughout the year and in summer ceremonies of connection to the Cacao du guatemala near Grimaud. The Cocoa ceremonies are unique and unusual monthly events in the heart of the Gulf of Saint-Tropez.   These are benevolent sharing spaces around various themes and accompanied by sweetness thanks to the traditional shamanic cocoa from Guatemala. All ceremonies include a 40-minute sound bath to the sound of gimbals, shamanic drums, crystal bowls and Tibetan bowls and sacred songs.  


What is a Cocoa Ceremony?

Cocoa and heart medicine has been used by the Maya for millennia for its emotional and spiritual healing properties. Guatemalan cocoa is a medicinal plant for healing and teaching, this approach has the advantage of being totally legal and harmless. A Cocoa Ceremony is a chance and an opportunity to connect and open your heart in a space of trust to facilitate any transformative change you are working towards, whether you are seeking to deepen your understanding of who you are or to release new feelings. old diagrams. Whatever your path cocoa will give you the insight and insights needed to move forward.


What are the effects of cocoa?

The  theobromine molecule is the active ingredient that contributes to cocoa's role as an aphrodisiac and a neurotransmitter that stimulates dopamine or the “love hormone”. The name theo-broma comes from the Greek and means “the food of the Gods”. Its ceremonial and ritual use was almost lost, when it became industrial thus losing between 70 and 95% of the active ingredients.

On the program of the ceremony:  
• Energy cleansing
• Cocoa Sharing
• Guided meditation and intention
• Mini sound bath with crystal bowls, jew's harps, Tibetan bowls, handspand, gong and sacred songs
• Energy integration exercise
• Long sound bath with crystal bowls
• Closing of the ceremony

Yoga studio and treatment room rental  in Grimaud

Rental of the yoga studio   near Grimaud

Are you a freelance teacher looking for a top-of-the-range, clean and comfortable gym to rent to welcome your groups of students in good conditions and thus increase the quality of your services and increase your visibility?

The Infini center (Art & Well-being) in the heart of the Gulf of Saint-Tropez is the ideal yoga studio adapted to your needs and ambitions.  


Treatment room rental near Grimaud

Our treatment room is available all year round! It is possible to reserve time slots and afternoons or mornings for your treatments and massages according to the weekly class schedule. Our treatment room for rent is located inside the Infini Center. Your services must therefore adapt to the weekly schedule.

Renting our treatment cabin as a therapist or masseur allows you to benefit from our notoriety and create a new network and a new clientele. 

Yoga training near Grimaud in the Var 

Our 200-hour Yoga Teacher Quality/Basics yoga training takes place at the Infini Center in Sainte-Maxime in the Var. It is the ideal training for anyone wishing to deepen the practice of yoga or change course and give themselves the means to transform their practice in depth. 


Our yoga training is effectively built in 12 modules of 4:00 p.m. or 12 weekends of training. 

It is intended to be both fun and complete in order to offer you a qualitative and comprehensive education in less than a year.  

The basics of teaching the profession of yoga teacher, anatomy for yoga, the alignment of postures in yoga classes, the sacred and traditional texts of yoga, the keys to fair and professional teaching. . so many topics that will be covered during the training. 

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