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Professeur de Yoga - Elodie Huertas

Elodie Huertas 

Founder of the Center L'Infini 

Creator of the Holistic Yoga Art  method

Yoga teacher for almost 10 years 

Singer and Cocoa Facilitator 

Cocoa Ceremonies & Sound Bath 

My mission: Help you improve your health and bring you closer to well-being on a daily basis, help you reduce your stress, relieve your physical and emotional pain.   Through my classes, I want to open the path to serenity so that you can connect to your own inner light.

My classes can be given in English and Spanish 

Basics in Italian for your lessons. 

My background: Graduated from the School of Sacred Art in Bali Ubud (Bali) and from Oness University in India, from the French school Yoga Darshan, I have been teaching in France for almost 10 years.   I am continuing my training in anatomy in Paris. 


My Holistic Yoga Art method is an intense alliance of breathed movements, danced postures and conscious breath in music. A one-of-a-kind dance journey.   Workshops and workshops on weekends or in private for your events between women. 

I offer each month the possibility of connecting to a lost dimension nowadays because disconnected from the sacred and from the heart during my cocoa ceremonies. Fervent traveler and passionate about life and plants, I explore different plants and medicines and in particular the medicine of Caco from Guatemala. I offer healing songs and sound baths accompanied by crystal bowls, gong, Tibetan bowls, jew's harp and many others during monthly shamanism ceremonies. 

Professeur de Yoga - Elodie Huertas
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