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Mika honors us with his presence in 2023 for several progressive masterclasses offering follow-up and evolution over time to fully understand his practice and go further on a daily basis. 


A yoga teacher for nearly 20 years, Mika de Brito is an internationally recognized teacher for his atypical approach.

Initiated by Baptiste Marceau   in Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, Mika was then trained the old way, from master to student, and followed for several years the path of a Hindu Swami in the Himalayas in during which he incorporates a more traditional and meditative approach. His adventures lead him to live remotely in a cave in Gangotree. Subsequently invited by Sharon Gannon to follow the teaching of their American school Jivamukti, he will use all these experiences as a yogi and a traveler to develop a style of his own.

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Connected with his time, open-minded and creative, Mika makes this millennial tradition accessible to as many people as possible. He advocates the liberation of conditioned brains through a liberating and benevolent practice.

Music also holds a large place in Mika's practice. His artistic sensitivity as a musician led him to co-create the Yoga Lab in 2010 in partnership with the musician Marco Prince: yoga in sound immersion.

We say of his eclectic mixes, where he mixes polyphonic chants of Buddhist monks with downtempo, passing through Bollywood, rock, jazz or even his voice which he projects in an aboriginal didgeridoo; that they cause "an emotional roller-coaster".

“Yoga is also for the ears. Isn't the goal to hear our inner sound while surfing with the stars? »

Lors du dernier atelier d'activation de la voix avec Kelly & Claude Brame en Juin.  La magie au rendez-vous. Merci ! 

The Infini Center, a space for creativity and sharing around art and well-being located in the heart of the Gulf of Saint-Tropez. 

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