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Carole Legendre 

Qi Gong teacher for 15 years, sonologist for 5 years and dancer forever.

Passionate about classical dance, I entered the dance school of the Paris Opera at the age of 10 for 6 years of study. Having been unable to   join the corps de ballet, I was admitted to Maurice Béjart's dance school (Mudra International) in Brussels, I discovered other techniques, such as contemporary dance, theater and yoga which allowed me to discover a new body language.

I quickly moved towards transmission in various associative and private structures in the Paris region.

Then my way of life made me meet the tai chi chuan which I lived like a dance carrying at the same time fluidity, flexibility and force, then various meetings brought me to Qi Gong which was the revelation!

I was enthusiastic, curious and motivated to deepen this Chinese energetic art in which I would be able to listen and open my heart, respect my body, become an actor of my well-being.

I followed a three-year training course at the Traditional Institute of Qi Gong, from which I graduated (Technical Director: Bruno Rogissart).


While starting to teach, I also followed another training of three years, in touch Taoist Ling Institute.

Groupe pratiquant le Qi Gong - Carole Legendre
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