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Studio de yoga

Art & Well-Being
In the Bay of Saint-Tropez 
Yoga classes , pilates , bhakti concerts 

The Infinity Center


High-end Zen space of 120m²

Experienced teachers

80m² outdoor platform

Classes open to all levels

Upcoming Courses and Workshops

Vendredi 03 Mai à 19H15

Cérémonie du cacao & Bain sonore

Formation Professeur de yoga 200H RYT 

Devenez indépendant dans votre pratique de yoga

Eté 2024

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The styles of Yoga we offer







  Prenatal Yoga

  Senior Yoga

  Yoga Paddle in summer

NB: All our yoga respects the bodies of the students. Our teachers have a solid knowledge of anatomy to adapt the course to each level.

Rent the Infini Center

Our top-of-the-range space is for rent to all well-being professionals, therapists, trainers, yoga, dance, Chi-Gong, Tai-Chi teachers, artists wishing to make their art and disciplines known. For your events, courses, training, conferences, our top-of-the-range space with a capacity of 32 people will be the perfect asset to develop your activity, generate new customers while offering optimal comfort in the heart of the Gulf of Saint -Tropez. Our center is accessible by public transport, hotel accommodation is located at

2 minutes on foot & charming bed and breakfasts 10 minutes away.

Location studio salle yoga
Avis de nos clients
Image by kike vega

I had a memorable internship day with Elodie. We lived a day under the sign of sharing and connection. I can't wait to relive that! Thank you for this beautiful moment. Goodbye

Samantha Flores

Stages & Ateliers

With us you can also discover


Pilates classes


Pilates is a physical training method inspired by yoga, dance and gymnastics with small equipment (balloon, rubber bands, blocks). Pilates makes it possible to strengthen the body in depth and gently and safely while refining and shaping the silhouette.

Holistic Yoga Art class, the dance of being

Holistic Yoga Art,

the dance of being

The Dance of Being such a Holistic, artistic and shamanic dance method created by Elodie Huertas offers a framework to let the body speak in what is present in it, without a priori or judgment. It is the energy of life which is the therapist and which will act where it is needed. 

Longo dance class

The Longo Dance

The Longo is a discipline both physical and spiritual, very recent but of ancestral source, of African origin. This dance includes movements in meditation, African ancestral knowledge and spiritual practice. At the same time dance therapy, dance of being, dance of emotional liberation. 

Chi Gong lessons

Chi Gong

Qi Gong is a gentle gymnastics which consists in circulating the energy of the body. Qi Gong exercises strengthen the body, make it more flexible and optimize all the functions of the body. Qi Gong is accessible to everyone and at any age of life.

Cours de Tai Chi Chuan

Tai Chi Chuan

Derived from martial arts Tai-chi is a global energetic gymnastics which consists in realizing a set of continuous and circular movements executed with slowness and precision in a pre-established order.

Viniyoga classes


Descendant of master Desikashar, in this yoga practice the teacher will create a session according to the characteristics of his students to respect all bodies and adapt to the levels of his students.

Séance de yoga face à la mer

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  • How do I prepare for a yoga, dance or Chi Gong, Tai chi, Pilates class?
    Depending on the class and the teacher, refrain from eating 2 to 3 hours before class and from drinking too much especially for yoga. Take a small bottle of water, wear light and stretchy clothes like leggings, t-shirt and sweatshirt, whatever makes you feel good. For yoga & pilates, take your yoga and pilates mat and a warm blanket to cover yourself at the end of class when relaxing. But if you don't have a mat, don't worry, there are some for sale at the centre.
  • I have never done yoga, are the classes suitable for beginners?
    Of course! Our Yoga classes are for all levels. All our qualified and experienced Yoga teachers will accompany you throughout your practice and know how to adapt to all levels to reposition you and offer you variations of positions. We particularly recommend the hatha-yoga class if you want to relax to learn how to position yourself well and stretch, the yin-yoga class if you have physical pain such as your back and want to make you more flexible using tools (cushions, blocks, bolsters), the Vinyasa-Flow class or Jivamukti yoga if you want a dynamic and modern yoga in music to strengthen your body and acquire more flexibility and the Kundalini-Yoga if you want to learn how to breathe well while energizing your body. Meditation classes take place once a month on weekdays at 9:00 p.m. to learn how to meditate well with constant monitoring from experienced teachers.
  • How can I subscribe or buy a lesson card?
    In order to take a pass or a lesson card to attend the course at the center, you just have to go to our website in “Book lesson & pass”. You will then be redirected on our website to the booking page. Then, all you have to do is go to the subscription/Package or lesson card category depending on what you want, then click on the option that suits you: à la carte lessons, package, 10-lesson card... If this is your first connection, use the email address of your choice and click on forgotten password to create yours. NB: Our cards & Lesson packages are not refundable since the validity extends over a long period.
  • How do I register for a course?
    To book a lesson at the infinity center if you have already taken out your subscription or your lesson card, simply show up at the infinity center on the day and at the time indicated. Our space can accommodate up to 30 people, so much to tell you that we always have space for everyone ☺ Our classes and workshops can be booked up to 30 minutes before the session! So no need to block your place online.
  • Can I cancel my reservation for a yoga class?
    Yes, cancellation is possible! A reservation for a à la carte group lesson can be canceled no later than 2 hours before the start of the lesson by sending a cancellation email to For packages and card, you just have to catch up on your course on another slot.
  • Can I temporarily suspend my package?
    Yes, you have the option of temporarily suspending your pass on receipt and medical advice. Your package may be postponed for a maximum of 3 months (1 quarter only) The Center l’infini does not reimburse ski passes and cards. It is your responsibility to use your courses according to your choices and commitments. Our packages are valid for 10 months, the 10 & 20 lesson cards are valid for 4 months and cannot be extended.
  • Is the lesson schedule always the same?
    The course schedule may vary from one term to another, especially in summer. If you have taken a package and you are taking a course that no longer appears in the second or third trimester, you will have to switch to another course of your choice. In summer, indoor lessons are reduced and lessons take place on the outdoor platform facing the Mediterranean Sea in the early morning at the Pointe des Sardinaux with our partner and leader. Visit the site for more information on summer school.
  • Do you offer private lessons at the Centre?
    Yes, we offer private yoga lessons at the Center according to the teacher's schedule and availability. You can book your private lesson online in the “Book lesson & Package” tab



The Infini center is located in the heart of the Gulf ofSaint Tropezin the municipality ofSainte-Maxime.

Our unique and qualitative concept, in a top-of-the-range space, allows you to attend yoga, fusion dance, pilates & yoga-pilates classes throughout the year, indoors in winter or outdoors facing the sea. Mediterranean in summer. 


For all our private yoga classes at home, treatments and massages, we mainly practice in the towns ofSainte-Maxime,Saint Tropez,Grimaud,cogolin,Les Issambres,Le Muy,Les Arcs-Draguignan,Gassin,Map of the Tower.


Our Yoga studio also offers ayoga teacher trainingin the Var level 200H.  New Yoga training will be offered each year by independent, competent and carefully selected teachers according to their backgrounds and diplomas._cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_


ThereLe Center infini yoga studio rental  is open to independent teachers and trainers wishing to offer yoga workshops, yoga, dance or pilates training in a welcoming and comfortable space. Our space is also open to teachers wishing to integrate the planning of group lessons throughout the year. 

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