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The French Federation of Viniyoga defines Viniyoga as a specific pedagogy of Yoga. This name "Viniyoga" was formulated between 1970 and 1980 by Krishnamacharya.

The 3 fundamental principles of Viniyoga

  1. The first quality of the teacher is that he himself is a practitioner applying, as precisely and with discipline, the techniques of yoga;

  2. Another essential quality of the teacher is the development of a great capacity for observation;

  3. Viniyoga must take into account the particular characteristics and needs of each student

More specifically, Viniyoga will adapt to each person, depending on:

  • his age

  • his physical and psychological state (emotionality, lack of confidence, etc.)

  • belonging to a culture or religion

  • his expectations

  • the place where he lives, the time of the year

  • his (professional) activities and function in society, his family responsibilities

  • his endurance, his memory, the time the person can devote to the practice

Femme qui pratique le Pilates
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