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Spring Internship 

Yoga, Meditation, Plants et shamanism 

“ une night  in a cave including Sacred Tobacco Ceremony and Cocoa Ceremony  "

April 15 to 16, 2023 

 OOPEN to 10/12 people - Registrations open 

In collaboration with Elodie Huertas & Patrick Dufossé

Abandon our illusions, nothing more, to see beyond and discover this space of Consciousness from which everything is possible and achievable now.
Such is the invitation of this retreat: You never take a step forward without dying to what was, without dying to your own illusions.

The Internship Program 


This retreat is an invitation to discover a set of tools and practices from the four corners of the world that allow you to initiate an in-depth self-transformation. 

The proposed practices are as follows: 

– Therapeutic Yoga: a form of yoga accessible to all (beginners are welcome) which aims to conduct a real investigation into the evils sent by your body and your mind;

– Shamanic Yin Yoga: a slow and gentle form of yoga that aims to explore your emotions in depth;

– The breathwork: a deep work of self-liberation through breathing;

– Shamanic journeys accompanied by plants  : an exploration of your unconscious worlds through tobacco and the sacred cocoa of Guatemala. 

– The chanting of Mantras: sacred phrases which diminish the activity of the mind and which protect and heal the spirit;

– Energy practices: it will be a question of better understanding how energy circulates in our body and between the different people and of learning techniques to preserve and direct it;

– Pranayamas: a practice of mental purification and an ideal support for meditation; 

– Meditation: discovery of passive and active meditation inspired by different traditions.


This retreat is open to everyone. The program is deliberately not detailed to allow everyone to let go. 

Femme dans les bois
Champignons sauvages

​In nature in the Sainte-Beaume mountain range in places that vibrate high in nature. 

​7 Good reasons to participate in this course:

  • Find yourself and meet to love each other better. 

  • The freshness and colors of spring in nature 

  • The opportunity to let go, to let the veil of illusion lift, to return to your body and your well-being, to flourish within a group of caring women, to laugh, to share to listen to each other. 

  • Strong experiences to live and beautiful encounters to initiate.

  • Proximity to beaches, TGV stations and airports of Aix en Provence and Nice

Tarif :      90 €  1 nuit/2jours 


The price includes approximately 6 hours of teaching over the 2 days according to a specific program created by Elodie Huertas and including meditation sessions, traditional yoga practices and yoga soft flow, a shamanic and alchemical ceremony.. in kind, talking circles, des pranayamas or breathing techniques, dance and rhythmic movements. 


Not included in course price

- The cost of transport 

- meals - plan your meals and stove based on fruits, dried fruits . 

- A young and des food satvvic  fresh fruit and snacks are to be expected because the  Saturday  evening we will organize the Cocoa ceremony   and therefore will not eat. Our only food will be Cocoa until'au next day midi. 

- Possibility of carpooling. 

The place of the Internship  

​Timetables of practice  

From Saturday morning 10 a.m. to Sunday evening around 5 p.m. 


Booking conditions 

​ For participants from the Var and all regions of France combined:  


Member rate: €90 

Exterior price : €150

Send payment by   check made payable to  Elodie Huertas

Address: 226 Rte du plan de la tour, 83120 Ste-Maxime  

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