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About the Yoga studio

Our values,
Who are we? 


The Infini Center offers a variety of events, conferences and workshops around art and well-being with the aim of creating a dynamic and real group cohesion.

We want to offer you one of the best services around well-being, therapy and art within the mythical Bay of Saint-Tropez. 

Our space aims to be both top-of-the-range, bringing together experienced, certified teachers and offering quality teaching including anatomical knowledge for the respect of the body as well as human and relational skills essential to the approach of the disciplines taught.

With us, you will be taken care of from A to Z by different teachers & therapists to restore your physical and mental health. We want to offer you an experience of relaxation and fitness of the whole being. 

Our space vibrates high because we work both on the material level but also on the subtle and energetic level. We offer you all our knowledge and welcome you with joy and kindness in our cocoon of sweetness to help you reveal yourself to yourself.

If our values are yours then

 Pop-In and show -up with a big smile ! 


Come and enter the dance of the infinite ! 

Cours de yoga en salle

Your Zen and High-end space  ? 


The Center L'infini is both a yoga studio, a dance studio, a conference room, a meditation room, a training room and a meeting place. This space is designed as a central point of inter-connectivity between humans around the disciplines of art, well-being and therapy such as sophrology, Bach flowers, naturopathy, shamanism, wim-hof method, ayurveda, meditation and many more... 


The Center is located in the new, very lively and booming area of Camp-Ferrat in the municipality of Sainte-Maxime in the direction of Plan de la Tour. We are ideally located at the exit of the Route du Muy, about 1 hour from Nice airport by car, 20 minutes from the TGV station Les Arcs Draguignan. Our Center is easily accessible from the city center of Sainte-Maxime with the green line Bus n°1 which is located just 30 meters from our entrance. Private parking spaces are available for you to park just in front of the Centre. 

Our outdoor platform with an area of 80 m2 facing the green hills of the South is accessible on request. 


Description: Our center is a magnificent room with an area of 120 m2 pleasant, completely renovated and tastefully decorated. A cozy reception area surrounded by beautiful plants is available. Our space has a cloakroom and a WC with disabled access.   Very well insulated, it offers excellent acoustics for sound baths, concerts singing mantras. It has been partly renovated using environmentally friendly materials. 


Equipment:  20 floor mats, 20 cushions, 20 bricks and 15 blankets are available. Tables and chairs can be placed there. There is a small changing room equipped with a shower and a toilet. 


Activities: Our space lends itself perfectly to the practice of yoga, Chi kong, holistic dance, classical dance, meditation and kirtan singing, art therapy, talking circle and many others... 


Capacity: 25 people on the ground - 32 people seated. 


Cours de yoga dans un studio

Prepare well for a course? 


The body should be light:


  • Do not eat or drink before a class: for example, after a good meal, wait at least 4 hours before practicing; after a snack, 2 hours; after tea or coffee, 20 to 30 minutes.

  • Avoid chewing gum or sucking candy, lozenges or taking medication before or during practice.


The body must be clean:


  • Enter the class with clean hands and feet (nevertheless avoid taking a shower or a bath in the twenty minutes preceding the session).

  • Regularly change the clothes used for practice.


Other recommendations:


  • Avoid sunbathing before a session.

  • Do not arrive breathless during class.

  • Take a few minutes to center and prepare internally.

  • Notify the teacher if a particular event has occurred and requires taking precautions, for example rules for women, or anesthesia, etc.

  • Avoid practicing after a session of osteopathy or any other manipulation of the spine. On the other hand, a good session before the manipulation increases the effects.


After the session

  • Keep your inner calm, avoid noisy discussions.

  • Wait at least twenty minutes before washing.

  • Also wait about twenty minutes before drinking, and about an hour before eating, even healthy and light foods.

These precepts should not be perceived as rigid rules, but everyone will appreciate their merits by applying them.

Come and enter the dance of The Infinite. 

Our rules of life 



Before the start of the course

  • Take off your shoes at the entrance and put your personal belongings in the room on the right.

  • Clean your yoga mat or use a cotton throw to cover it.

  • Respect the place and the silence before starting a wellness course in order to prepare your body and mind. 

  • Do not speak loudly at the entrance while waiting for your lesson to begin. 


At the end of the course

  • Take 5 minutes to come back to yourself and try to remain conscious.

  • Questions on practices   arise at the end of the course and not at the beginning. 

  • Do not speak loudly and do not slam the door.

  • Roll the mats correctly, wipe them with the disinfectant   and fold the covers in 4. 

  • Get back on your feet at the entrance.  

For the proper functioning of the courses and the well-being of all, please respect the hygiene rules and the internal rules of the center displayed in the entrance.


For yoga classes! 

They are open to everyone, beginners and experienced.


Bring a yoga mat, a small cushion, a blanket or shawl to cover yourself during meditation. Wear loose and stretchy clothes


The practice of yoga is intense physical and mental work, but it is also a spiritual activity of a sacred nature: both before and after yoga sessions, it is therefore highly recommended to observe a certain number of precepts.


Two main objectives are pursued:

  • Prepare your body and mind to work in optimal conditions.

  • Realize a progressive and natural passage between the state of concentration created during the yoga session and the "daily life" that follows it, in order to prolong as long as possible the benefits of the work of the session.

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