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Energy care  sound & vibration 

I do not claim to heal people who come to me but I relieve their physical and mental ailments through intuitive singing, a real gift transmitted to me by a guide, the shamanic drum and the connections I have with high energies. frequencies and spiritual spheres that I have been contacting for several years. (Elodie) 

Sound energy healing is regenerative. 

  • a moment for you

  • A moment when we are in the present moment and where we forget the hassles of everyday life

  • A moment of deep relaxation where the sounds penetrate your interiority to cleanse your cells. 

  • A moment to reconnect with what is most beautiful and best in you.

  • A moment of pure healing because the sounds act in depth.


These therapeutic sound treatments are an alliance between the medicine drum, the Koshi chimes, the Tibetan bowls, the crystal bowl, the shrutibox, the kool drum, the tubalophone, the kalimba and ..... my voice!_cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

It has been proven that the vibrations of sound, on a frequency of 432 Hz, allow beautiful healing capacities. The instruments used are tuned to specific chakras: for example, my crystal bowl corresponds to an "MI" and harmonizes the Solar Plexus, my drum rather to the heart chakras... The Koshi chimes correspond to the 4 elements : water-air-fire-earth.

I will also channel sounds: this is not about singing the song of the year with you, but rather intuitive songs that are right and good for you and your well-being, in the here and now. They come to decrystallize your blocking energies in depth. You feel a powerful energy circulating throughout your body.

And concretely, what can we feel during a sound energy treatment?

  • Beautiful unusual energetic sensations throughout the body,

  • Impressions of being completely elsewhere, far, very far, where everything is peaceful,

  • Fears that can come up in order to be studied to move forward,

  • Dormant physical pains that come out to be expelled,

  • For some, regressions in past lives to better understand who we are...

Because all sensations, impressions, feelings are right and good for each person in their healing process. This care is in a therapeutic approach but does not replace medical advice.

For an appointment, I ask you to explain to me in writing the reasons for your request for care and your healing intentions... Depending on your request and feelings, I may refer you to another therapist... My objective being to offer you the care most suited to your physical and psychological situation... I will then contact you by telephone to offer you a time slot. 

Soin énergétique sonore & vibratoire
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