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Yoga Retreat in Mauritius 


Our Yoga Retreat 

Located in the heart of Le Morne Park, this villa is located in a haven of peace a few meters from the tropical forest with a view of the Indian Ocean. The energy of the place is powerful and the birds sing morning or evening to accompany us during yoga practices and sacred rituals. 

7 ​Good reasons to come to Mauritius 

  • The beauty of the retreat site: a private park surrounded by nature, with a view of the Indian Ocean and the sacred mountain of Le Morne. 

  • The beauty of nature and landscapes. 

  • Exotic cuisine influenced by Africa, India and neighboring countries.  

  • Strong experiences to live and beautiful encounters to initiate.

  • Cultural diversity

  • Swimming with dolphins 

  • The inner transformation that intense practice will bring to you


This retreat is really focused on yoga, personal development, well-being, spirituality, meditation. Just enough outdoor activities are on the agenda, to really allow us to work in depth, to grow, to connect all together, to really unhook and come out fulfilled, rested, rooted from this adventure._cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

A place in the middle of nature, in the mountains, without neighbors. An incredible practice space, space to be alone. Advanced yoga practices, rituals, visits, meditations, surprises... everything is designed to work on your vitality, your essence and your magic.


Île Maurice
Maison Yoga à l'île Maurice
Maison Yoga à l'île Maurice

The disciplines taught 

yoga of sound :   Sound yoga is an alternative to purely physical yoga. It is defined as the set of practices that use the voice, and more specifically the chanting of vowels, mantras and harmonic chanting, as a support for meditation. The yoga of sound invites us to harness the power of sound and its vibrations to explore our resonances, our internal rhythms and our breaths. We take stock.

Holistic Yoga Art : A method created by Elodie Huertas. Through shamanic singing, yoga flow or yoga danced to music, traditional yoga and meditation, this method addresses in 3 stages the 3 goals of yoga, well-being, mastery of the mind and meeting an infinitely silent space in self or modified state of consciousness in which one enters the heart of the sacred and of peace. In this method the vehicle used is the body in all its richness, voice, movement, postures & 5 senses to come into contact with a dimension whose existence we do not suspect... 

Sacred rituals : Rituals combining Indian Pujas and shamanic ceremonies to bring about profound transformations and work on the energies and subtle bodies of the participants. 

Meditation & Yoga Nidra : Guided meditation through conscious breathing and listening to bodily feelings through the 5 senses. Yoga Nidra or music-guided awake sleep practice.  

Femme pratiquant le yoga à l'île Maurice
Île Maurice

10 nights / 11 days  : 2500 € 


Price includes 


  • Between 4 and 6 hours of daily teaching according to a specific program 

  • Accommodation in shared room (sometimes shared bed!  The double beds are large and spacious) 

  • Half board (local and vegetarian food) 

  • A / R airport transfers to your place of retirement

  • A day aboard a catamaran, visit to the island of Benitier and swim with the dolphins 

  • A day of initiation hiking on the sacred mountain of Le Morne + sacred rituals at the top of the mountain

  • A day of visit in the tropical forest and lakes of large basin, visits of Hindu temples. 


The detailed program will be communicated to you

ahead of the start. 



​ Not included in the course price

-   Return flight ticket to mainland France or another country. 

-   All daily outings relating to your leisure time during breaks. We will give you the contact details of a taxi driver for your personal outings. 

- Additional meals or meals in restaurants. 

- The tip 



For this retreat, good physical and mental conditions are required, a preliminary telephone interview and a mandatory health questionnaire to be completed before the retreat. 

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