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Mostly Guided Meditations  



The next dates 2023 

  • Tuesday, February 14 - Tantric meditation   

  • Thursday, March 30 - Energy Meditation

  • Tuesday, April 11 - Meditation in nature at the Rocher de Roquebrune



Every month we offer you a meditation on a different theme to accompany you in your personal approach and make you independent. 


  If you have trouble meditating,

Or if you feel like you're doing all the right things to meditate and you're not getting, or not often, or not as often as you'd like, the results you're hoping for,_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_


Or if you know that meditation would really do you good, but you're not sure where to start,

So what I'm going to tell you here,

Could well allow you, not only to meditate every day with happiness, but perhaps also to become "addicted" to meditation.


Because I'm going to talk to you, not about the benefits of meditation, everyone knows them today: soothe your mind, have more inner serenity, sleep better, let go, have better stress management, find calm mental… and even improve your physical health…


But I want to talk to you about what's hidden behind meditation,

of what so few people talk about,

what the practice of meditation really leads to,

of what makes, that definitively, you cannot do without meditating a single day of your life,

Even if you're tired, even if you're exhausted,

Even if your thoughts, some days, look like a beautiful untangled cobweb,

Even if it's a total mess in your life,

Even if you find yourself deep in the pampas, or teleported to the planet Mars.


But before that, I want to tell you that

Contrary to what we sometimes think, it's really easy to meditate right away.


All you need is the right keys. We should also teach them systematically at school, it would probably help a lot of people in this world.

No, there is no need to worry or recite mantras for hours.


No, it is not necessary to lay on a cushion in a complicated posture, nor to fast for days, lying on a nail board,

And it's not imperative to turn your thoughts off either. Besides, it's just impossible to stop thinking. Our mind is definitely wired to think 60,000 times a day. It's pretty handy for day-to-day life.



Cercle du soleil - Programme
Cercle du soleil - Programme

It is not for nothing that meditation has been present in all spiritual practices since the dawn of time. It is inseparable from Buddhist practice and Yoga, but not only: we practice, among other things, Gassho meditation in Reiki Usui.


Everyone has heard of Zen meditation or mindfulness meditation. It is also practiced in tantra and in many mystical ways. And then, is Catholic prayer really anything other than religious meditation?

Meditation is much more than strengthening consciousness. It's much more than better listening to your intuition...


Because, even in the heart of the turmoil when it arrives, even when you are in the heart of the trials, that you are afraid, that it is a total mess in your life, that you no longer know what your name is, whatever either where you are (yes… even in a Parisian metro at rush hour) even if our planet starts to turn square, even if you are confined to your home, even if you have to wear a mask, even if the fires are raging... in the world... 


If you know how to meditate, you fear nothing,

Knowing how to meditate is knowing how to refocus,

It's being able to ease your mind, no matter what,

It's making the present moment your best friend,

It's giving yourself a lot, a lot of inner wisdom,


And that is not about to change, because once you understand how to meditate, you know how to meditate all your life,

but much more than

that ...



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