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Yoga Teacher Training

Quality/Basic Yoga Teacher Training 200H

A training of 12 modules lasting   8 months to acquire the basics of yoga and the teaching profession!

Whether you are a beginner or a practitioner of the discipline of yoga for several years, you may want to go further and finally become free and independent in your practice, to learn more about the philosophy of yoga and the history of Hinduism, on alignment in postures,   anatomy,   sacred texts ...

Femme pratiquant le Yoga

Skills you will acquire 

  • Total independence in your Yoga practice. 

  • Basic knowledge of the history of yoga and the main currents of Hinduism. 

  • Knowledge of the sacred texts of Hinduism such as the vijnana bhaivra tantra, the yoga-sutras, the Upanishads

  • Basic skills to teach Yin-Yoga, Hatha-Yoga and Vinyasa Flow 

  • Basic knowledge of anatomy for movement

  • Skills to align your yoga posture and those of the students while respecting the anatomy. 

  • You will be able to create a real yoga sequence according to the level and the theme chosen for the course given.

  • You will master the great pranayamas of Yoga.

  •   You will master the yoga postures in Sanskrit. 

  • You will master office automation and marketing tools to develop your activity as a yoga teacher.

  •   You will master the tools  of yoga to adapt the practice to the student. (block, bolster, straps) 

Rates  Early Bird

For the launch of the training, we offer an affordable rate. 

€150 per module 

1500 € for 12 modules 

Teaching duration

4:00 p.m. per module

OFFER VALID UNTIL June 15, 2023 

Regular rates

€180 per module 

1800 € for 12 modules 

It is possible to pay for the training in 3 instalments 

We ask for a regular commitment because we want to bring you to the end of this magnificent transformation process. 

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