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Isabelle COULON, 
Certified Naturopath
EndoCoaching - Inflammation
Isabelle Coulon


SHARE with you my expertise, guiding you on the path to optimal vitality!


Like many of you, I have not always had an impeccable lifestyle...a construction manager for 30 years, stress, overwork and endometriosis for years turned me towards naturopathy, after numerous allopathic treatments. unsuccessful




  • Naturally suppress inflammation

  • Relieve pain and disturbances

  • Clean, revitalize your emunctories




  • Chronic diseases

  • Weight problems

  • Joint pain

  • Allergies

  • Sleep problems…whatever your problem, don’t give up. NATURAL solutions exist!

Isabelle Coulon

Traditional Balinese massage

Trained in Bali at the Ménari School Ubud, I practice traditional Balinese massage


Deep massage, lymphatic drainage, kneading, acupressure, stretching, it’s a complete massage that acts in depth


  • Improves blood circulation

  • Relieve muscle tension

  • Helps manage stress

  • Brings deep relaxation

  • Revitalizes

  • Acts on the hormonal and digestive system

Isabelle Coulon
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