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hatha yoga


Traditional yoga class combining stretching and opening. 

Hatha-yoga is a unique discipline in the history of mankind. According to Indian tradition, it was the god Shiva Himself who taught this science to men, as a certain ladder on the path to Knowledge and spiritual realization. 


Hatha Yoga is a discipline of body and mind that includes a wide variety of exercises and techniques. The techniques employed use physical postures (called asanas), breathing practices (pranayamas) and meditations, as well as deep relaxation (yoga nidra). 


The practice of Hatha Yoga brings us to an awareness of the present moment thanks to the immobility of the body and the mind (without thoughts) in order to open the doors of meditation and to enter the world of the spirit.  


Classes are open to all, with no notion of levels, much more than flexibility, the important thing being the desire to evolve internally and to understand the subtle workings of body and mind through self-observation._cc781905- 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

Regular practice will help:

   .   Strengthen the immune system,

Dramatically reduce insomnia, depression and stress,

      Improve creativity and concentration

Soothe the nervous system,

      Increase resistance to disease and mental and physical fatigue,

Relieve problems with blood pressure, asthma, back pain, joint problems, digestion...

Femme qui pratique le hatha yoga
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