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Prenatal Yoga 


Every Tuesday from 12:30 p.m. to 1:30 p.m. with a minimum of 2 future mothers otherwise you will have to go to private lessons 

What is prenatal yoga?


Essentially to listen to your pregnant woman's body, which is why prenatal yoga can be practiced by future mothers who have never been interested in yoga so far. These are progressive and gentle muscle stretches to achieve overall relaxation and energy recovery. The postures are simple and can therefore be practiced at home without any problem.


What does yoga actually do during pregnancy?


Among other things, learning to relax and remain calm, which will be very useful on the day of delivery! What's more, the work carried out gently on the perineum during the sessions will also facilitate the expulsion of the baby, so it is good preparation.


This work, throughout the second and third trimester, also helps the future mother to better understand the physical and therefore postural changes during her pregnancy which are causes of discomfort. Poor postures taken due to the forward thrust of the center of gravity cause lumbar and back pain. Prenatal yoga is therefore useful for carrying out bodybuilding and body repositioning work in order to relieve these pains which cannot always be taken care of by medication.


For example, to relieve your back, you can perform the posture of the cat planting its claws: you then stretch your entire back by relieving the weight of the perineum, which will facilitate transit, very useful when you suffer from constipation when you are pregnant! During these sessions, we also become aware of our perineum, we learn to breathe, among other things for childbirth, but we also treat sciatica, heartburn, we correct bad postures.

Femme qui pratique le yoga prénatal
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