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Private lessons

DPrivate classes designed to reap the targeted benefits of yoga

Adapted to your physical condition, your goals and your expectations, our private sessions are carried out by a certified teacher attentive to your needs.

Fully personalized, our private lessons allow you to choose the number of lessons, the frequency and the duration of the sessions. Sessions of 60 to 90 minutes are available. 

Why choose a private yoga class?


The seasonsPrivate yoga sessions offer you a practice tailored to your profile. It is even possible to take advantage of a sequence of poses specifically set up from your physical condition and your aspirations.


– Getting in shape, losing weight and refining the body.
– Rehabilitation following injury or illness.
– Reduction and management of chronic pain.
– Management of stress, anxiety and sleep problems such as insomnia.
– Improved flexibility.
– Improved athletic performance.

For your private lessons, meet  au Annex Studio.


Address:   226 route du plan de la tour, 83120 Sainte-Maxime in the Gulf of Saint-Tropez.

We recommend a time for yoga in a neutral place . 

For private lessons at home, the prices differ according to the geographical area and the lesson time. Our team travels within a radius of 10 kilometers for all your home lessons (Sainte-Maxime, Les issambres, Saint-Tropez, Grimaud, Cogolin, Plan de la tour) 

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