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Cocoa Ceremony

Or the art of letting go in order to welcome new energies of reconnect to oneself and to others, in depth and gently, in the energy of the Heart.


We are currently witnessing a period of great change, and it is easy to lose ground, to no longer know where we are. Moreover, we have been conditioned for too long to live in our mind, disconnected from our truth, from our intuition...

Ask ourselves the question, do we live in our mind or in our heart? 


It is time to learn from the mistakes of our past and to live differently, in consciousness, awakened to the intelligence of our Heart (compassion, empathy, creativity etc) and to balance it with that of the mind.


Listening to your Heart means refocusing on your inner fire, rekindling this luminous spark, following your desires and listening to your intuition...


Do you know that our Heart has a stronger electromagnetic field than the rest of our body? Let's not forget that everything is energy and vibration….

Chocolat chaud

​ In order to raise our vibrations, Elodie Huertas,   invites you to come together during a transformation workshop through the sacred ritual of cocoa. This very old ritual is personalized according to my feelings and according to the people present. 


Cocoa is a medicinal plant that comes from Central America, used for millennia by our ancestors of the Aztec and Maya peoples in sacred rituals. Considered 'the food of the Gods', it has long been revered for its physical, emotional and spiritual healing properties. It promotes the opening of the heart chakra, the release of love energy, the healing of past wounds, meditation, connection with one's higher self... 


It is with humility and respect that we will share the ceremonial Cocoa of Guatemala, a sacred plant which, served in ceremony, allows us to receive its teachings by creating an intimate link with it. A communion with the pure essence of Cocoa is then established, with its feminine energy, its intelligence, its wisdom and the Spirit of the plant: Mama Cocoa. She is a powerful and subtle companion, who will guide you, if you wish, towards a path of understanding and evolution. This will result in a personal experience, respectful of each person's receptivity.


Meditation, energy cleansing, sharing, music, dance, sound journey... come open your heart and celebrate the magic of your being!  


The course of the ceremony 






  • INTENT   






‼️ Important ‼️

Cocoa is not a psychotropic plant and does not create any hallucination or addictive effects, it is completely legal and harmless.


 Preparation for the Ceremony 


- No caffeine the same day

- It is best to come with a light stomach and not to eat at least 3 hours before the ceremony (no meat the same day) and drink plenty of water.

- For those taking medication for depression, heart problems, please let us know. 

- No alcohol or other substances that alter consciousness, the day of the ceremony and, if possible, the day before as well.

- Provide a bottle of water, comfortable clothes for dancing, a yoga mat




Places limited to 12 people book quickly by paying

your place with online. Just select the date and follow the instructions

The workshop is for people who want to meet

deeper, no specific experience is required,

come as you are with your best smile. 

CAUTION: All persons taking

anti-depressants must contact the organizer beforehand,

certain types of anti-depressants are not compatible with

the medicinal cocoa from Guatemala. 


Cocoa Lover 


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