Yoga Autrement is dedicated to promoting expanded consciousness, healing and growth in individuals from the global community. We do this by offering transformative yoga classes in a supportive and professional space that are fun, physically challenging, and contemplative, thereby creating a world-class experience.

We are committed to creating a conscious community of individuals who freely choose nonviolence, personal accountability, compassion and loving kindness when responding to the joys and challenges of life through the practice of yoga.


As a non-discriminatory practice, we believe everyone can benefit from yoga. People of all shapes, sizes and ages will discover that the physical practice works beyond our differences as a doorway to a deeper understanding of one’s self and as a connection to the collective.


We regard the body as a guesthouse for the mind, and thus view the postures as vehicles for a deeper understanding of one’s own mind/body process, relationship to self and all sentient beings, as well as physical conditioning, strength, and flexibility. Just as every body is different, so are the ways that each of us will interpret and express ourselves in a yoga pose.

We at Yoga Autrement are committed to holding an unconditional space for all body types and manifestations of the practice.
The asana practice has been traditionally used as a preparation for meditation, a practice we regard as essential to understanding self, the human condition, and living a conscious life. The “awakened mind,” or Bodhichitta, which also translates to “awakened heart” in the Buddhist tradition, is a natural state that is inherent within us all. Meditation facilitates the cultivation of Bodhichitta, thus allowing us to live more mindfully, or more in touch with our immediate experience.


Inspired by the eight-limb path of yoga, Buddhist tradition, and Shambhala teachings, we at Yoga Autrement embrace all spiritual traditions. It should be noted that the practice of yoga is not meant to replace any religious doctrine, but rather can be used to enhance one’s own relationship with life and the divine. While there are many aspects of the path, we focus on the teachings of compassion for self and others, as well as the Shambhala way of embracing the human condition.

Aligned with the Noble Truths, we believe that pain is inevitable and suffering is optional.


Practicing yoga and meditation does not guarantee a stress or pain-free life, but rather teaches us how to effectively manage life’s difficulties and become transformed by them. Only through the cultivation of compassion for our own personal journey can we align with our purpose, begin to practice authentic unconditional regard for others,and become the conscious society we aspire to.